The Cadillac 3-Some


Some indie music buffs (and not fans of country music), who coincidentally are friends of mine, have encouraged me to reflect on why it is I am a bona fide lover of country music. 


A few poignant country songs come to mind, of which I have found solace and derived strength from since their release, but to tell you the truth, other genres of music – and their lyrical meaning and significance have had a similar impact upon me.

What I think of the most when I think of country music is “friendship.”  Throughout the past year, designated the “year of the concerts” by me and my gal pals (alias = the Cadillac 3-some), I have cultivated deep and meaningful friendships with some girls who previously had been merely acquaintances and colleagues.  Admittedly, our shared enjoyment of the genre is what initially brought us together, but what I’m certain of is that our concert expedition continues because of the shear fun and delight that a night out with the gals brings us.  Moreover, the anticipation of the upcoming concert is almost as fun as the concert itself.  For instance, this week (you see, the Cadillac 3-some are going to the Dierks Bentley/Doc Walker concert this Saturday) periodically we have been transformed into hyperactive squealing hormonal-imbalanced teenagers as we discuss our plans for the weekend.  For a moment the stresses of our lives dissipate as we live in the moment and forget larger worries and pressing responsibilities.    

I find the music empowering, but the network of friends that surround me due to my relationship with this genre empowers me further.  On these nights out, we create stories and we tell stories about our lives to one another.  Later, we re-tell these stories to one another, and to others, sometimes just for the fun of it when they are of the light-hearted and silly variety, but sometimes for a more humourless reason, when a friend might be in need of emotional comfort. 

Stuff happens in life – in our relationships with our friends, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, current and former love interests, in our work – with our bosses, supervisors, and amongst family members, young and old.  Life gets painful and we have breakdowns – but throughout these little breakdowns there is one constant in my life.  My “friends” continually help me to “take back my brave.”

Here are the lyrics of one of those “empowering” songs.  It’s by Carolyn Dawn Johnson, a Canadian singer/songwriter and I listen to it daily.

Taking Back My Brave
(CDJ/Sunny Russ)

I am from a tiny town
Where I learned how to tough it out
Where I kicked the dirt and my dreams around
To conquer the whole world
My uncle slipped me fifty bucks
Some rolled there eyes and wished me luck
Yeah I spent the first night in the cab of my truck
And I am still that girl

I like a challenge, I like to fly
I’m not always perfect, I’m not always right
When I go to weddings
It always makes me cry
My heart is fragile, and I can be hurt
I can crumble inside at the drop of a word
But I can jump off a limb
Into a river of change
I’m taking back my brave

I kinda lost it for awhile
Had to force myself to smile
I quit going that extra mile
Abandoned my belief
And I spent hours on the phone
Crawling back to my comfort zone
Then I woke up one day and said I’m not running home
It’s just not like me cause…

I like a challenge, I like to fly
I’m not always perfect, I’m not always right
Newborn babies always make me cry
My heart is fragile, and I can be hurt
I can crumble inside at the drop of a word
But I can jump off a limb
Into a river of change
I’m taking back my brave

I’m my momma’s only girl
The child in the middle
I’ve been pushing the limits
Since I was little…..yeah


7 Responses to “The Cadillac 3-Some”

  1. kikmo Says:

    I am definitely not a bonafide country fan but I have to say that sometimes the song is just too good to pass by.

  2. MOM Says:

    I LOVE these lyrics Jess! Excellent advice – I’ll always try to remember to “take back my brave”

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