Beautiful? Beautiful… Beautiful.



2 Responses to “Beautiful? Beautiful… Beautiful.”

  1. Marisa Says:

    Hey bud….I had to check the pic out. It is disturbing; however, I realize it’s only distrubing because of my conception of beauty, which, yes, is of course intertwined with age. Even a young, unattractive woman in a swimsuit would be more acceptable in our society – – why? Well, you get to ponder that in your work.

  2. Cristi Says:

    Marisa, I totally agree, but then again, I have to wonder, how do we REALLY know this is an older individual? Of course, we can use the regular cues that we have – white hair, saggy bum (which, if you’re going to wear a thong, get rid of those tan lines first!), etc. But then again, this person COULD be a VERY blonde, VERY anorexic young person (similar to people I have seen). Of course, my first assumption was that this was an older person, but it just makes me wonder, now that I have pondered the picture a little more. Makes me wonder about those judgments that we can so quickly make and those cues that we rely on so heavily in making our social assumptions and attributions.

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