Me in a nutshell


In grade school my brother offered his friend something to drink after class.  The singular option in our family household “Caffeine free, sugar free” Diet Coke.  My brother’s friend was like, “What’s the point?”  We collectively giggled.  I love this memory.


One Response to “Me in a nutshell”

  1. Cristi Says:

    It seems as if ‘inexperience’ is often used as a code word for some sort of reverse age-ism. I mean, this is true not only in curling but in many other contexts, especially the job world. Inexperience is often associated with people who are young, who do not have the same life experience, who do not have the same kind of job experience, etc. (I mean, I hear about it with B’s job because the young people, although charismatic and probably better candidates, get passed over because of ‘inexperience’) It’s like how ‘lack of Canadian experience’ is a way of discriminating against immigrants in the workforce as well. It’s the ultimate punch, because how can you dispute it? Lack of experience, in whatever form, seems like the ultimate catch-all to discriminate, whether it be in curling or in other spheres of social life.

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