Crystallization of Culture?





27 Responses to “Crystallization of Culture?”

  1. Annette Says:

    That just made me throw up in my mouth – a little.

  2. rolanzo Says:

    Looks like the first pic, the one of the bodybuilding competition, is photoshopped a bit. The guy on the far right, who’s half-obscured, has been zoomed in to make him look even more ridiculous. If you look at the background behind him the curtains don’t line up.

    Still, I’m regretting finding you that middle pic of the ultra-skinny woman. Disgusting.

  3. Ryley Says:

    Gish! What the hell kind of pics are you downloading!

    The ultra-skinny woman has surprisingly “full” boobies. Funny…….even though she is screwed in the head enough to look like she does she still feels she has to have big fake boobs.

  4. star Says:

    she probably has full breasts because they are fake..and rolanzo i believe you are correct i also think that first photo is shopped up..and elizabeth there are a lot of people who would kill to be thin..but would you die for it?? because that woman is very close to death i can assure you!! and that is not sexy or pretty by any means!!

  5. Zach Drake Says:

    All photos are fake; period. The first bodybuilding shot is, like another pointed out, zoomed in on and stretched, the second shot, the woman wouldn’t even be walking if she were that thin, she’d be dead. I’ve only seen concentration camp photos where people are that thin and they were on the ground, moaning and in agony. Finally, that third pic is b.s! It looks kinda real to the untrained eye, though, as an amateur bodybuilder, I know the human body, I also know that no human body, even one on steroids could get that big. in addition one couldn’t even move around if they had muscles THAT big, Ronnie Coleman, at 290 lbs, has never been that big, and he couldn’t run a damn 2K because he has so much meat on his frame. And I’ve seen other photoshopped and digitally altered pics, this one looks to be the same type. People who made these pics: Nice try, very artistic and it definitely represents some of our country’s obessions right now.

  6. marieke Says:

    Oww das niet normaal!! echt vet nep !!
    hoe ken je dat je zelf aan doen maaaan!!

  7. cintia miranda herbeth Says:

    puta perra loca zorra arrastrada flaca y fea si kieres reclamarme mandame un mail

  8. pietje Says:

    egt te erg om te zien
    gestoorde gekken
    enzo enzo enzo

  9. roxxi Says:

    shut the hell up about the eating disorder pictures.
    you have no clue what its like to have one.
    ive struggled with one for 3 years and we arent screwed in the head. its a disease. we dont choose.

    you being that shallow proves that those without ED dont know shit about what its like.

  10. Jayne Says:

    Hahaha, they are all so obviously fake! Especially the third picture, looks like something out of Toy Story. Still, they are slightly realistic so kudos for that.

  11. Simone Says:

    ok 1st 1. definatly fake
    funny tho-that pic is in my physical ed studies textbook
    second one is not fake
    that girl was on a talk show lyk oprah or summjnk lyk that
    there are people out there
    some are being helped and some are continuing wiht the illness, wearing layers upon layers of clothing to hide themselves form others
    thrid pic-i actually dunno but yer it looks a bit fake

  12. Killy Smurf Says:

    On the first one, the 3rd guy is shopped up, that’s a given. The second IS real, and people that skinny CAN walk. She just has NO body fat and a small amount of muscle. The third picture IS real, and I’ve seen a guy with even bigger muscles on a documentary.

  13. Dan Green Says:

    its quite obvious that the guy on the right in the firts pic has been photoshoped, he’s a totally different resolution to the rest of the image but he face is the same…. poor effort.

    and the guy at the bottom, its also fairly obvios that he has been photopshoped all the way from his neck down to just above his ankles…. takes some pretty odd people to take time doing such a wierd thing.

  14. John Brown Says:

    The guy in the third is definately real. He has had the gene that controls muscle size modified. Myotantin I think it’s called. This is not possible any other way. Seen it done on cows and rats and they were lean and totally massive. Notice the word on the bottom left of the pic. It’s reasonably clear to me.

  15. John Brown Says:

    The guy in the third is definately real. He has had the gene that controls muscle size modified. Myostantin I think it’s called. This is not possible any other way. Seen it done on cows and rats and they were lean and totally massive. Notice the word on the bottom left of the pic. It’s reasonably clear to me.

  16. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  17. kaleb Says:

    umm whats with you morons?? the first one isnt fake. there are tons of fucking guys out there that are big like that…are you people seriously that naive and fucking retarded? you say the first one looks fake which is WAYYY more realistic than the second two…god you people are dumb.

  18. Jayde Says:


  19. 245 Says:

    The first picture is fake. 2 gay in the left look normall for the bodybuilding pat the third gay is to big,he is not real.
    Secnd pic is real for third i dont know.Neck and had are very strange.

  20. Vogel Says:

    1st one: far right dude is most definitely fake, he wouldn’t even be able to feed himself. I’m not even a quarter that size and I have trouble scratching my back after a workout

    2nd: i don’t know, but i think i saw her blowing up next to a fence on a windy day

    3rd: doesn’t anyone else notice that the dude doesn’t even have photoshopped nipples. At no point does working out make nipples disappear, no matter how hilarious it would be.

  21. reece Says:

    the guy on the right on the first picture is not fake its just zoomed in to emphasise his height
    the second is real as ive seen her on a documentry
    the third obviously photoshoped u can tell by the shadowing underneath his pectorals and top abdominal
    plus he has no nipples

  22. angus Says:

    in the third pic its fake because the man has obscure shading around the pecs and has nooo nipples

  23. g dizzle Says:

    dude in middle of first pic has a small dick from all the steroids hes been using

  24. mb90 Says:

    fake or not, they’re all disgusting. :/

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