I am a Phd Student in sociology.

I study aging (and not just the old folks!) and the contemporary phenomenon of cosmetic surgery to minimize the effects of aging.  I seek to trace what age is and how it comes into being in different ways through the “act” of cosmetic surgery.

I live with an anorexic Lowchen.  Her name is Frankie.  And in case you were wondering, I dress her in funky sweaters.  She has her own drawer.  She wears proudly a Flames jersey.  But please, don’t call me “Paris.”

With that being said, I own and wear Paris Hilton perfum.  I did not buy it for myself, my brother did.  It was a Christmas gift.  He was right.  It smells damn fine.  How aggravating.

My favourite snack and most common meal is peanut butter toast.  I’m a lazy cook.

I curl but have difficulty being a “curler” in the Russ Howard kind of way.  

I like quiet.  I am quiet.  I don’t like to be “heard” (unless I have something important to say).

My current academic influences are Bruno Latour, Dorothy Smith, and Arthur Frank.

My grandmother frequently answers the door in her underwear (and that’s on a good day).

My parents live with approximately 10 dogs (forgive me, it’s easy to lose track when you get into the double digits).  My Mom is a dog groomer and breeds Pomeranians (FYI – Hilary Duff owns one).  Her kennel name is Sugar Fix Pomeranians.  She wanted to name her kennel “Sugar Bush” Pomeranians.  I advised strongly against it.

My favourite colour is pink.

I’m often frazzled.  I will be an absent minded professor.  I constantly lose my keys and never pay my bills on time.  In an attempt to get my life together, I requested a Palm Pilot for Christmas.  It’s already stiffling my creativity.  It’s the penultimate symbol of how we are forced to structure our lives into black boxes.  It’s not even really a symbol.  It LOOKS like a black box.  It IS a black box.  Bah!  But eh, if it helps me to graduate somewhat on time, I’ll giver a try.

I procrastinate.  Can you tell?


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