Guns and Cancer?


A fellow blogger has a WTF category on his blog.  A recent encounter suggests I should follow suit.  As I walked through the Students Union Building today with a friend to purchase our afternoon coffee pick-me up on route I noticed a display for the Canadian Cancer Society.  The table was marked with the characteristic logo of the yellow daffodil, but the attire of the two young undergraduate students manning the display beckoned my attention.  It is not Halloween, so it was surprising to see these two students outfitted in Top Gun attire.  They were clad in military inspired white uniforms and flashy 80’s sunglasses adorned their faces.  I struggled to make the conceptual linkage between cancer and the movie Top Gun and when no connection came to mind, I did what sociologists do best and posed a question to the young man standing behind the table.  Our conversational exchange was comical to say the least and went something like this in competition with 80’s music blasting from a ghetto-blaster nearby: 

Jessmo: “Excuse me, may I ask what the connection is between cancer and Top Gun?”  (I gotta learn not to be so polite in times like these) 

Maverick responds by gesturing to his uniform and says, “Top Gun,” then points to his arm and says, “Top Guns” and before he can continue my friend interrupts. 

(This is when I notice pamphlets about breast cancer and the need for daily self-examination randomly and messily displayed on the table) 

Kikmo: “You mean there is a thing called bicep cancer?” 

Maverick ignores the interruption and in attempt to get to the point makes a declarative gesture to his chest as if to cup breasts, “And TOP GUNS.” 

Jessmo and Kikmo unite in laughter. (I no longer try to be polite) 

Jessmo: “And the connection between guns and cancer is?”  Maverick: “Isn’t ‘guns’ a vernacular term for you know, breasts?” 

Jessmo: “Did the Canadian Cancer Society approve this campaign?” 

Maverick: “It was our idea, but they gave us the OK.”  Jessmo: “Oh.” 

Maverick: “Would you like to hear some music from the Top Gun Soundtrack?”

(Uhm, I think NOT!)




Dear Sir Alexander Fleming,

I would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication put towards inventing penicillin.  Without your discovery, I would have had a very unpleasant and unproductive reading week.  I am also informed that if penicillin was not available my case of tonsillitis could have developed into rheumatoid fever.  It is during bouts of illness like I have experienced during the past few days that one becomes thankful for the skills, knowledge, and contributions of others.



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