My favourite things..


A depiction of my favourite things:

My dog.  Frankie.

Pink cadillacs.  (I found this dog toy at a pet store recently.  The toy is probably more mine than it is Frankie’s.  She is completed disinterested by it.  In fact, I had to force it upon her to take this picture.)

My curling gear.

My couch. (Where I spend an inordinate amount of time reading for my upcoming candidacy exam, or watching TV in a desperate attempt to avoid reading).

My blankie.


Baby Born in Pink Cadillac



“He’s perfect. There’s nothing wrong with him,” said Shonda Durham.

“He’s a miracle. The Lord must have been with us because everything worked out right,” said Rick Durham.

Like most new parents, Shonda and Rick Durham are proud of their family’s new addition. But baby Jameson didn’t have your everyday typical delivery.

“I could tell I was getting ready to have him. I was sitting in the front seat and he was there. It just happened so fast,” Shonda said.

On the way to the hospital this Mary Kay beauty consultant gave birth to baby number three.“He definitely was determined to get here,” Shonda said.

She usually makes business deliveries in her pink Cadillac but she had no idea she’d be delivering something so special inside of it.

“Not only did he come home in one, he arrived in one,” Shonda said.

While still driving, Rick stayed on his cell phone with a 911 dispatcher during the entire delivery. They told Shonda to feel the umbilical cord for a heartbeat to make sure the baby was healthy. Baby Jameson was born strong weighing in at seven pounds and seven ounces.

“He’s a great little brother I love him,” said Hayden Durham, the big brother.

As if being born in a Pink Cadillac wasn’t unique enough, his birth certificate is also different than other newborns.

“It say I-75 on it at mile marker 67,” Rick said.

By the way, the nurses at the hospital gave baby Jameson the nickname Roadrunner.

Thanks to serendipitously at for directing my attention to this article!

Just for fun…

Look folks, I must not be the only pink lover in existence.  The colour pink is being commodified.  Yahoo!  I gotta get myself one of these, you know, to go with my Pink Cadillac.

Pink Cadillac Baby!

So, my friend (from the Cadillac 3-some) went to the Cadillac website and made us each a car.  Of course, mine is pink!  How fitting.

New Pink Cell Phone Cover

I’ve searched for hours and hours on cyberspace the past two days, but have failed to find a digital replica of what my missing PINK cell phone cover looks like.  So…  alteration of the plan Prof. Pauly…  To show that your mini-lesson was successful (so that your post-assessment element is complete), I’ll post what I WANT my new cell phone cover to look like!

Don’t u just fancy the hot pink!  Isn’t it sexy?

Prof. Pauly is a friend of mine who taught me how to create a blog and post pictures on it.  This mysterious, cyberspace addicted fellow is someone I recently took an instructional skills workshop with at the University.  That is, we were being instructed on how to instruct.  Not a bad concept, except that the teachers were teaching a black boxed teaching model to a bunch of Latour informed sociologists.  Trouble I tell you! 

Pink Lover

Ok, I’m convinced.  The world of blogging is for me.  They have a pink background for the pink lovers in us all.  By the way, has anyone seen my pink cell phone cover (and yes, I do have one, or that is, used to)?  I lost it in my drunken state New Year’s Eve.  Maybe someone or something is trying to tell me to get over my obsession with the colour pink.  No can do.  It’s not going to happen.  It’s my colour.  I look good in it.  I OWN it.  And because I’m not supposed to like it, as a femininist and all (or at least I’m told), I am compelled further to wear it.  It also reminds me of the fight against breast cancer – a reality that scares me.  More pleasantly though, the pink ribbon is a reminder that humanity can still be caring and not entirely empty and motionless.  On a more lighter note, if you want to follow the exiciting life of the Jessmo then you are going to have to at least tolerate the colour pink.

Pink lover out.